Indoor Gigabit Dual Band Wireless AP

Multi-channel, not just fast

Support MU-MIMO Technology

Implement multi-user concurrency

802.11AC WAVE2 MU-MIMO (Multi-User Multiple Input & Output) technology, allows multiple clients to connect to the WAVE2 AP for simultaneous communication,improves terminal throughput and user experience.


Qualcomm Chips/Dual-chip and Quad-core

The new generation HSN AP, adopts Qualcomm IPQ4019 high-performance 717MHz quad-core processor, and with 256M large memory, the quad-core can have more stable and high-speed processing performance when processing data read-write, video viewing or file download when handling multi-device connection.


Qualcomm IPQ4019 Quad-core Processor


Qualcomm IPQ4019

Cortex A7

717MHZ x4

Quad-core Network Processor


Qualcomm QCA8075

Switch Chip

Dual Gigabit Ethernet port


Flash 32MB

Memory 256MB 


Wave-speed Forming Technology

Anti-jamming Smart Antenna 

Interference source



The AP automatically recognizes whether the terminal is valid by sensing the effective terminal or the interference source, and then causes the signal to reach the effective terminal to be superimposed in the peak state through the frequency modulation, amplitude modulation, and phase modulation signal. and vice versa, so that the signal reaches the invalid interference point and the peak and the valley are superimposed to form interference suppression. effect.


Energy Efficient

Save 30% power consumption

Switch to power-saving Mode when no one is using the network

Save operating costs without affecting network usage


Fat and Fit version of the flexible choice

Recommend Fat AP Version within 5 coverage points

Recommend Fit AP versions if more than 5 coverage points


Fit AP with Gateway Matching

The Fat AP version can build independent networked, and be managed by mobile phone.

Fit AP version needs to be used with the HSN AC controller for unified management.

Remote Management by Cloud

Easy to maintain


Product users

Service Engineer


With the HSN Gateway, you can directly operate the equipment through the cloud remote network, which greatly reduces maintenance costs and difficulty.


Comprehensive Management Strategy

Updated Regularly

Seamless Roaming


Application Control

Network Flow Control

Automatic Load Balancing

User Authentication

Seamless Roaming, Automatic Load Balancing, user authentication, advertising, application control,flow control and more, without complex setup processes.


Built-in Watchdog Chip

Reduce maintenance difficulty


Built-in watchdog chip with self-repair and restart function to reduce maintenance difficulty and cost


Full Gigabit interface

High speed experience


Access Speed

Wireless Rate


2.4G 802.11N 300Mbps +5G 802.11AC 900Mbps wireless access speed, up to 1.2Gbps wireless speed, significantly higher throughput than the traditional 802.11N wireless mode.




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Hyper Speed Network (HSN) AP One

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